Boundaries with Emma Langton

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Liz W

On this episode we’re talking all things, boundaries:
what they are, how to create them and what to do when they’re not serving you.

Now I want to warn you and make something super clear. You don’t have to have therapy to sort out your boundaries because you may listen to this episode and think, Arrghh, Liz needs therapy! Perhaps I do need some more therapy, but perhaps you may think: “Oh my God, I need therapy too!”

Emma wanted me to make sure that we were super clear with you, just in case it doesn’t come through the show, that you do not need to have therapy to sort out your boundaries.

When your emotions start to bubble up, we’re going to keep to the facts.

The other thing I have to warn you is that if you’re not Gen X like Emmo and I are, you may be a millennial or Gen Z (you were born after 1995) there’s all kinds of references in this podcast that you simply might not get for that. I don’t apologize.

We are women of a certain age and we grew up with certain technology that for those of you that are a lot younger than us will think: “Oh my God, how did you manage?”.

Well guess what kids, we did! Enjoy the show.

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