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Routine Machine with John Lamerton
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John Lamerton is a “routine freak” – or so his wife says and after chatting with him I tend to agree (in the nicest possible way!). John loves a routine and his new book “Routine Machine” explores how you can too. In fact John promises that you can get results!

One routine I’ve maintained for 2,240 days is waking up sober. Did I do it through John’s book? Nope – it wasn’t written then (I read another great book with 164 pages). But it’s the one routine I’ve maintained every single day and one I often don’t give myself credit for. 

You see it’s become so ingrained in me that I simply don’t drink. Being sober is normal for me today.

Now am I being oblivious to the fact that I may drink one day? Absolutely not. I know I’m only ever an arm’s length away from a glass of Pinot.

But today I have a choice.

It was a hard-won one. It was very costly and I don’t mean financially!

Today I am sober.

I don’t have to drink when I feel happy, mad, sad or bad. I simply have to ensure that when I feel irritable, restless or discontent (or my emotions run high) I do something about it. I talk to someone and tell them what’s going on with me. God (or my dog) works for me if I can’t talk to another human.  I usually have to write it down and look at it (some would call that journalling, I don’t, I call it looking at the facts!).

A friend reminded me that if I can do that, I can do anything.

And so can you.

Anything is possible.

And that’s one of the things I discuss with John. What do you do if you want to create a new routine, but you’ve tried before and failed.

Perhaps you’ve tried to write a book and haven’t got more than 100 words down (or is that just me).

Or you want to lose weight/buy a house/get fit/eat healthily/insert anything else here you want to do.

No matter what routine you want to bring into your life it is possible to change. If I can stop drinking, surely I can lose that 3 stone that’s been with me far too long!

If John “a normal bloke from Plymouth” can completely change his life and become a “routine machine”, so you can we.

Listen to our chat about routines and let me know what you think.

If you’re a stationery addict like me beware…whilst listening to this episode you may feel the need to go shopping, buy some cool stickers (gold stars optional) and release your inner child by making a sticker chart to celebrate your success.

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