Divorce in sobriety with Emma Heptonstall

Divorce in sobriety with Emma Heptonstall
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Liz W

Getting sober for me changed everything, including my relationship with my husband.

What used to be acceptable was no longer acceptable.

I tried changing him.

It didn’t work.

Instead of trying to change him, I focussed on making myself happy.

Fortunately our marriage has survived my sobriety, but what if your relationship doesn’t?

My good friend Emma Heptonstall, The Divorce Alchemist, joins me today and we talk all about making the decision to leave your relationship. Emma is a former lawyer, a family mediator and a divorce coach. She works with women mainly to help them make smart emotional and financial decisions on divorce.

Her first book, How to be a Lady Who Leaves is an Amazon best seller, and is available to buy directly from Emma, or on Amazon.  If you choose to buy her book and I strongly recommend you do if you’re considering divorce, when you buy with the link below I’ll receive a small commission to help with the costs of running this podcast.  You won’t be charged extra!

To find out more about Emma visit: https://www.emmaheptonstall.com/

Buy “How to be a Lady Who Leaves” on Amazon here: https://amzn.to/2R5ZxhX

You can download Emma’s free Smart Woman’s Divorce Guide here: https://www.emmaheptonstall.com/divorce-coaching/smartwomansdivorceguide/

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