Feeling joyless with Liz W

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Liz W

Have you ever felt like you should be happy?
That you’re blessed in so many ways.
And here’s the thing.
You can’t find the joy, today.

In this episode I share the ways I change my state when the negative committee in my head are having a field day, or I just feel like my life is heavy.

How Liz W Finds Joy When There Doesn’t Appear To Be Any!
1. Listen to upbeat music. Smile like you mean it by The Killers always raises my mood!
2. Write a gratitude list
3. Ask how someone else is
4. Call a close-mouthed friend
5. Pray
6. Celebrate loved ones
7. Keep your head and your hands in the same place
8. Do personal inventory

Don’t discount the fact that if these joylessness has been going on a while, it might not be you feeling down in the dumps, but perhaps depression. Please don’t self-diagnose, please talk to your GP. Get a medical opinion. There’s absolutely no shame in needing medical help to improve your mental health. It doesn’t mean your program of recovery isn’t working.

Full disclosure, if you do purchase through the Amazon book link below I will receive a small payment. This doesn’t increase the price you pay for the book.

Here’s the book from Dr Tim Cantopher “Depressive Illness: The curse of the strong”. https://amzn.to/2qPcCl6

I’d love to hear what you do to change the way you feel without resorting to negative & potentially addictive behaviours. DM me over on Instagram @todayiamsober or email me directly liz[at]todayiamsober[dot]co[dot]uk.

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