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Do you want to quit drinking? In this episode I’m joined by Jen Sugarmeyer as she shares her story from the pits of hell into recovery. Jen took back her own power back over an addiction that almost claimed her life and shares her 5 step process ‘Reset’ which is also the name of her upcoming book.

We also chat about how to date yourself. I’d love to know how you’re going to treat yourself! Me? I’m buying pink roses every week in 2020 (well apart from during the tulip season!).

From fear to fearless, Jen took her scars and shattered pieces and took back the life that was taken from her.  Broken and ashamed, Jen led a double-life before everyone’s eyes, and was slowly dying inside. Afraid of the repercussions of asking for help, admitting she had a problem, and taking the time to unravel years of damage, for over two decades Jen couldn’t manage to break the cycle of addiction in her life.  Her pain came not only from her own abuse, but the physical and mental abuse she endured in an abusive relationship.

In and out of jails and hospitals, Jen’s life was entirely unmanageable- she was only able keep her corporate life isolated, but she knew she was playing with fire.  Jen knew it wasn’t long until her hidden life would be exposed at the office – her inner demon was getting stronger and stronger and she was losing control of her progressive disease.   

Lying to cover her physical and emotional bruises, Jen was at her breaking point….until her life changed.

It was none of Jen’s lows or her bottoms that changed her life – it was the kind words uttered by someone who genuinely cared that made her realize that she was worth fighting for – and that’s what she did.

Jen embarked on the fight of her life – for her life – and she shares her strength and encouragement to help you claim the life you deserve!

If you are in need of change, if you have lost power over an area in your life, if you are living a double life and afraid your worlds are going to collide, Jen’s new book ‘Reset’ out in Spring 2020 is just for you.  Join her VIP waitlist to be the first to find out when it’s released here:

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